About Us

This website was created by Brandon Winston’s defense team and other supporters in response to his portrayal in CNN’s documentary, The Hunting Ground. By making available the facts of his case, in large part through the sworn testimony contained in trial transcripts, excerpts from grand jury testimony, and other legal documents, our intention is to make clear the inaccurate and damaging characterization that the film offers of Mr. Winston.

Our efforts are not aimed at minimizing the problem of sexual assault on college campuses, or the enormous institutional and emotional obstacles victims face in obtaining redress. We believe strongly that victims deserve justice.

But as the information on this site demonstrates, the makers of The Hunting Ground made a reckless choice in focusing on the case involving Kamilah Willingham and Brandon Winston.  In the film, Ms. Willingham implies that Mr. Winston drugged her and her friend, and accuses him of assaulting them. The facts do not support her accusations, and every authority that investigated the case — Harvard Law School, a Middlesex County, Mass., grand jury, and a 12-member trial jury – ultimately found that no sexual assault took place. 

We ask you to withhold judgment of Brandon Winston until you have examined the same information that caused others to exonerate him. The evidence speaks for itself.