Brandon Winston

was born in Camp Lejeune,

North Carolina,

the son of a U.S. Marine

and a math teacher.

His family moved to Brooklyn, NY.

His father became

a New York City Firefighter.

His mother taught math in

the New York school system.

He received a scholarship to

Philips Andover Academy

through a program designed

for inner-city students.

He attended St. John’s College,

Santa Fe, New Mexico.

He took a year off.

Played saxophone in a band.

He was accepted to

six law schools


In the fall of 2010,

he took an elective course

for recording artists.

He was mixed with upperclassmen.

[Q: And you picked him to be
in your group; is that right?

[A: I’m not sure I picked him

[Q: Well, the upperclassmen picked
the underclassmen as
who they wanted to work with?

[A: I don’t remember that about it.

And their friendship


[Q: And he would come over your house
a few times and you’d work on the project,
and nothing romantic happened
in any of these places? P45:14-16 ]

[A: That’s correct P45:17]

But then they went

their separate ways.

Sometimes they met

to listen to music.

A year later,

Kamilah Willingham began texting

Mr. Winston in earnest.

[Q: Do you remember you sent
him an email from Africa?

A: I don’t remember sending
the email, but I recognize.

Q: The picture?]
[Q: And at some point you
brought out some cocaine?

[A: Right.

[Q: And you put some out
on the table
[Q: Did the District Attorney make
a promise to you she wasn’t
going to do anything to you
for bringing out that cocaine?

[A: Not that I remember.

But the drinks


“Half an hour into it I noticed
my friend seemed wasted,
started to comment on
how drunk my friend seemed…"

She tells CNN

But while under oath

before the Grand Jury

she told a different story:

“Yeah, yeah. And they had come back,
and it looked like they were dancing together.

But it was a lot like him holding her up.

And she was kind of leaning whenever,
whenever he put her.

So I mean, it was, like, a lot of, like contact.

But, yeah, I mean she was more or less
just following him to, like, whatever direction
he had her leaning..”

“Me and my girlfriend kind of
just flopped down…
face first on my bed…”

“The next thing I remember…
he was on top of me…
and he had a hand inside
of my underwear…"

“And he was trying to
put a finger inside me”

She tells CNN



“A:I woke up to find a body rubbing
mine and a tongue in my mouth.”

Q: And who did you think that was?

A: I thought it was BLANK.

Q: How long did that take?

A: It took me ten seconds after
I came to, to realize it…

Kamilah’s legs, she wrapped her legs around me.
And so when I got on top of her,

her arms were around my body and her legs
were around my body.

A: Q And what were you doing to her, with her?

11 A I was kissing her, and we were moving, we were

12 grinding against each other. She was grinding her

13 midsection against mine, and me, as well.

14 Q How long did that take?

15 A Thirty seconds.

16 Q And then what did you do?

17 A I stopped.

18 Q And what did you do with your head?

19 A So I rested my head on her midsection, her torso,

20 probably just below her breasts. I rested my head

21 there. And I remember looking up at her, and I said,

22 “We should probably stop.”

23 Q Did she say something to you first?

24 A Yes. She said, “Don’t you have a wife at home?”

25 Q And did you have a wife at home?]

But before the jury

she described a different person…


“Q: And do you remember his saying
he would sleep on the couch?

A: Yes

Q: He said he would go out and sleep on the couch?

A: Yes

Q. And you told him to sleep in Andreea’s room?

A. I told him that he could, yeah.

Q. Did you say that?

A. Yes

Q. Did you call the EMT’s?

A. No, I didn’t.

Q. Did you call 911?

A. No.

Q. Did you call 911 because of
what Brandon had done to you?
Did you call them in the middle of the night?

A. No.

Q. And at some point you went
into the room where Brandon was sleeping?

A. Yes

Q. You went int o that room.
And that was after he had, you claim,
he had done these things to you
and after he had talked to you about BLANK;
is that right?

A. Yes

Q. And he was half asleep, right?

A. Yes,

Q. And he said "I didn't do anything.
We hooked up, then I fell asleep.”
Or something like that.
Is that what he told you?

A. Yes.

Q. And you asked him,
“Was he awake at any point?”

A. Yes

Q. Did you ask him that?

A. Yes
Q. And he said, "yeah of course.”
Do you remember him saying that to you?

A. Yes.




Q. Now, before you had texted Brandon,
you and BLANK agreed not to show you
were mad, you were planning to text him?

A. Yes

Q. You were going to be casual as possible
when you were texting him?

A. Yes

Q. And at some point you looked in the trash;
is that right.

A. Right

Q. And pretty close to the top of the trash
there was a condom?

A. Right


“Sometime after January 15th but on or
before January 18th, 2011, Ms Willingham
found a condom in a wastebasket
in the bathroom in her apartment located at
1648 Mass. Ave., Apartment No. 53m
in Cambridge, Massachusetts.

“Ms. Willingham gave this condom to
Detective Mahoney of the Cambridge Police
Department on January 18th, 2011

“On January 26, 2011, the Cambridge Police
turned the condom over to the
Massachusetts State Police Crime Lab for analysis…

“The DNA testing by the Massachusetts
State Police Crime Laboratory and
Ms. Coronado’s analysis revealed that
[BLANK]’s DNA is not on the condom.

“The DNA testing by the Massachusetts
State Police Crime Laboratory and
analysis of Ms. Coronado revealed
that Ms. Willingham’s DNA is on the exterior
of the condom.

“The DNA testing done by the Massachusetts
State Police Crime Laboratory, and the
analysis of Ms. Coronado revealed
that there is DNA from an unknown male source
on the inside of the condom.

“The DNA testing done by the Bode lab,
and Dr. Cotton’s analysis, revealed
that Mr. Winston’s DNA is not on the condom…”


“Q: You’re saying you didn’t know
that condom was yours,
that you had used it?

“A: I wouldn’t have asked him
about it if I knew that.

“Q: Right at the tip of the trash.
You were living in that apartment.
And you say you didn’t think it was yours?

“A: Of course I didn’t know it was mine.

MR. Zalkind: Pray your Honor’s indulgence.

A Middlesex County Grand Jury declined to indict Mr. Winston for any charge

related to Ms. Willingham. Despite her testimony in Middlesex Superior Court, a

jury of 12 men and women found Mr. Winston innocent of aggravated assault. He

was found guilty of indecent touching, a misdemeanor. He has spent four years of

his life waiting to be cleared.


Mr. Foreman, as to Indictment No.

8 2012-1160-001, charging the defendant, Brandon Winston,

with indecent assault and battery on a person over 14,

what say you, Mr. Foreman, is the defendant guilty or

not guilty?


Not guilty.


The fact that a person has been charged with a

crime or indicted for a crime is absolutely no evidence

whatsoever of that person’s guilt of any crime.

You may also consider a witness’s motive to

testify for or against either party and, of course, the

interest or lack of interest that the witness has in the

outcome of the case.

In 2014, Mr. Winston returned
to Harvard Law School to
pursue his law degree
where he is an honor student.

He hopes to become a public defender
after he passes the bar exam.
MS Willingham was the keynote
speaker at the 2015 National Sexual
Assault Conference where sh
continues to accuse Mr. Winston
of a crime he did not commit.

She has become a celebrity.